Diane Ross
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Alaskan Brown Bear Photographs taken at Katmai

What is an Alaskan Brown Bear? Well, if it lives in the interior of Alaska it is a Grizzly Bear and if it lives in the coastal area it is an Alaskan Brown Bear.  Alaskan Brown Bear tend to be larger than the Grizzlies because of their diet of salmon.

Watching the bear fish was fascinating. They snorkel around with their face in the water looking for dead and dying salmon. Once they catch them they tear off the skin and eat it. Then they consume the rest of the fish. Later in the year, once they have put on enough weight, they only eat the skin and the head.

The best fisher by far was a bear known as Diver. He would completely submerge under the water to catch a fish. The other bears would only stick their face under in their quest for fish. I watched Diver catch 3 fish in half an hour. Others could go longer than that without catching a fish.

The highlights of Katmai were the spring cub on the last day and the yearling cub playing with the log on the shore.

I hope to come back in July some year and photograph the bear catching fish at the falls.