Diane Ross
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My last couple weekends in Australia I did not see much wildlife.  I decided to create only one page to cover these travels.  I think I am getting tired of this after three months.  I am finding it hard to come up with things to say about each area.  Maybe it is because none of the places I went were very special or that I did not see a lot of wildlife and wildlife is what I really enjoy photographing. 

The wildlife viewing book I bought for Australia said the Hattah-Kulkyne National Park was a good place to see cockatoos and parrots.  There are suppose to be lakes here that attract the wildlife but none of the places I visit have any water in them.  There are lots of birds but they prove hard to photograph.  I still don't quite understand how something that is so colorful in flight can blend in so thoroughly when sitting in a tree or on the ground.  Galah have bright pink breasts, the parrots are bright green and blue when in flight.  I rarely notice either before I have spooked them and they have taken flight.

While researching Hattah-Kulkyne on the internet I find info on another park in the same area called Mongo.  The photos on the site remind me of monument valley so I decide to visit there also.  To get to northern Victoria, where the parks are located, I have to drive around 550 km's.  Once there I have to drive another 80 km's down a dirt road to get to Mongo National Park.  The drive around the park is another 70 km's on dirt roads.  So the trip from my hotel through Mongo and back is 230 km's of dirt road and about another 40 of paved road.  When I get there I discover that there are no formations over waist high in the place.  There is a ridge that runs through the park called the Great Wall of China.  Technically it is way over waist high and the view is intriguing.  It appears as if someone has built a wall in the middle of no where.  Monument Valley it definitely is not.  However, I do see my first and only wild emu here.

The next weekend I traveled to Mt. Buffalo.  The scenery at Mt. Buffalo is unusual.  There are huge boulders everywhere.  If I was at home I would say the area was formed by glaciers but I don't think there have been glaciers in Australia.  Anyhow the scenery is well worth the visit but the only animals I get photos of is a Kookaburra.  Kookaburra are my favorite bird anywhere.  It is not the I like the way they look.  There are much prettier birds in the world, but I love their song.  The sound of a Kookaburra is like nothing else I have ever heard and I absolutely love it.