Diane Ross
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Phillip Island is famous for the penguin parade.  The little penguins march out into the sea at dawn and back from the sea at dusk.  So why don't I have any pictures.  Well, they don't allow any photography or video.  I can't actually tell you what it is like because I didn't stay.  I wasn't going to pay to see the adorable little penguins march out of the ocean if I couldn't take photos of them.  I have been to Antarctica.  I have seen and photographed penguins there.  If it wasn't for that I may have stayed just to watch, then again, maybe not.

However past the penguins is the Nobbies.  This is a spectacular bit of coastline with waves pounding onto the lava shoreline.  There are also hundreds of seagulls at the Nobbies.  They may not be penguins but at least you can take their picture.

There is also a Koala Bear Sanctuary where they have built wooded platforms up in the trees to get you closer to the Koalas.  The Koalas are still hard to spot in the trees at first and are generally still above your head but you can get much better photos than if you were standing on the ground.