Diane Ross
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Leopard Photographs in Kenya

The leopard was the big cat we saw the least of.  We only saw two, and one was too far away to show up in the picture (which I , of course, took anyway).  I guess, technically we saw three, or we saw the same one three different times, I don't know which.  I don't count one of them because the lodge we were staying at hung some meat out, across the river, and a leopard came to eat it.  To me that is not quite the same as seeing one on a game drive.

Below are shots of the last leopard we saw.  When it was first spotted it was in a tree eating it's kill.  By the time our truck arrived it had dragged the kill down the tree and into some brush, where it was munching on it's dinner.  You could here it crunching on the bones with its powerful jaws.  I have a few shots of it in the brush, not that you can actually see it, but I had to try.  We waited about 10 minutes and then it came out of the brush carrying it's dinner and climbed a nearby tree.  It was fabulous.