Diane Ross
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1. Ashburton  2. Canterbury Plains  3. Te Anau  4. Doubtful Sound 

5. Milford Sound  6. Route 6  7. Surf and Turf  8. Oahu Seal Colony

Day 4 - Doubtful Sound

I awaken to blue skies and sunshine.  Blue skies can be deceiving.  It is cold outside.  I have a couple hours to kill so I wonder around town.  Then I drive to Manapouri to catch the boat.  I stop several times to photograph the scenery.  It may be cold but the mountains are beautiful.

As we set out across Lake Manapouri the scenery reminds me of Alaska.  Mountains climb from the water and reach up to capture the clouds on their snow capped peaks.  OK so most of them do not have snow on them at this time of year but a few still do. 

At the other end of the lake we board buses and drive over Wilmot Pass.  Then we board another boat and sail through Doubtful Sound and out to the Tasman Sea.  It is overcast now but it does not rain which is unusually in this part of the country.  This is a rainforest and it rains two out of three days a year.

The sides of the mountains are scarred by previous tree avalanches.  The mountains have very little soil on them.  They are covered in moss.  The trees grow in the moss.  Their roots cannot bury themselves deep into the soil.  Instead they intertwine with the roots of neighboring trees.  When a tree eventually falls it takes its neighbore with it, and they take their neighbors, and so on, and so on...

As we return across Lake Manapouri the sun starts to go down resulting in some lovely lighting on the mountains.