Diane Ross
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1. Ashburton  2. Canterbury Plains  3. Te Anau  4. Doubtful Sound 

5. Milford Sound  6. Route 6  7. Surf and Turf  8. Oahu Seal Colony

Day 6 - Route 6

Today I drive from Te Anau to Fox Glacier.  The vast majority of the route is along highway 6.  I hope as I drive north that I will find sunshine again but I don't.  It is heavily overcast all day.  The rain comes and goes.  The weather actually reminds me of Alaska.  A light drizzle almost all the time that is not really enough to get you too wet but can make the day uncomfortable.  They never tell you when you go to Alaska or New Zealand that you are going to a rain forest until you get there.  I always think of rainforests as being tropical but they are not.  It is also cold today.  I actually have to turn on the heat in the car.

Part of me wishes it was sunny and warm.  I think the scenery would be gorgeous in the sun.  Actually for photos I prefer a high light cloud.  The clouds today are heavy and grey.  There is a light dusting of snow on the tallest mountains and the tops are shrouded in mist.  Later in the day the clouds descend into the mountains.  It also makes for some nice photos.  In the end I am not sure which would have been better the clouds or the sun.  The photos I got today look very moody.  Since it is unlikely I will ever be back here I will never know if the scenery would actually be better in the sun.

Then again, maybe tomorrow.