Diane Ross
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1. Ashburton  2. Canterbury Plains  3. Te Anau  4. Doubtful Sound 

5. Milford Sound  6. Route 6  7. Surf and Turf  8. Oahu Seal Colony

Day 7 - Surf and Turf

The nice thing about an island is you can see glaciers in the mountains in the morning and the surf crashing on the coast in the afternoon.

I awake to a blue sky and sun.  There are light feathery clouds high overhead and puffy white ones lower sporadically clinging to the edges of the mountains.  It is a perfect day for photographing glaciers and snow capped mountains.  Yesterday it would have been impossible to see the snow high in the mountains.  I photograph both Fox Glacier and Franz Joesef Glacier and then continue up the west coast on highway 6.

Eventually I end up at the Punakaiki (Pancake) Rocks.  The waves are crashing against the rock formations sending spray high into the air.  The rocks look like stacks of pancakes.  There is a blow hole the regular spouts water.  It is definitely a place you must visit if you ever get the chance.