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Welcome to my site.  I thought I would add a brief description of what you will find here for those of you  that came from a WebRing.  Basically my hobby is wildlife photography.  I have written travelogues about each of the trips I have taken and included some of the pictures I took on the trips.  If the outfitter I used has a web site I have a link to it at the top of the travelogue page.  I hope you enjoy your visit.


American Wilderness Travel
I have taken a couple trips with this company.  They offer outdoor adventure type vacations.

International Wildlife Adventures
I traveled with this company to Alaska.  It is one of the best trips I have taken.   I highly recommend them especially if you are interested in wildlife and photography.  A professional photographer was the trip leader.

Town of Churchill
Churhill website.  Contains information on activities, lodging, events, etc.

Wildlife and Nature Photography:

African Wildlife Photography - Wonderful African wildlife photos by Michael Wain.

Ross Warner Photography

Dave Bassett Photo Gallery

The Harper Gallery

Don Johnson Photo Gallery   (I bet he gets teased as much about his name as I do.)

JEM Photography and Consulting

Polar Bears Alive


Nature Photography by Gary D. Tonhouse

North Bay Nature Photography by Eric Dresser - Internationally Published - Stock Wildlife and Scenic Photography - Over 30 Years of Photography - More than 50,000 Images on File

Fine art photography by Robert A. Zeichner

Grant Collier Photography


Matt Ragen - San Juan Wildlife & Nature Photography


Wildlife Images - African wildlife photography and more.

Photo Directories


TopPhotos.net  - A listing of photography sites on the web


Photography Directory - A listing of photography sites on the web

Nature Photo Index

PhotoLinks - The Photography Network

FreePhotoGallery - photography links directory


The Enchanted Thingamagig
Excellent fantasy and sci-fi art.

Royce Art
Very nice wildlife art.rainbows.gif (22093 bytes)

Malathar's Dragon Gallery
He drew the dragon to the right.  His site contains more and larger Dragons.   Very nice.


Hazboo.com - Nature and Wildlife Gift stores Online shopping directory featuring Nature and Wildlife Gift Stores.  I think you'll enjoy browsing through this directory.


WNET New York
PBS station companion web.  They used my elephant photos on a piece for "Nature:   The Elephants of Africa".

Polar Bear Alley
The Polar Bear Blog is a collection of northern stories - polar bear, arctic and otherwise from Churchill, Manitoba, Canada - the polar bear capital of the world.


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