Diane Ross
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Wolf Photographs at Wild Eyes Animal Adventures

What can I say, wolf puppies are the best.  The leopard may have been my favorite animal to photograph but the wolf puppies are my favorite animal.  They are so adorable and still have a little puppy breathe.  I can't really explain why I like the smell of puppy breathe.  It really isn't something I would want in a perfume but I just love it on puppies.  The wolf pups are kept in a pen outside the lodge.  At first they are a little unsure of me but once I climb in and play with them a little they decide I am OK.  After my first trip into the pen they run over to the fence every time they see me and beg me to come and play with them again.  Naturally I oblige.

When we take the wolf pups out to be photographed we also take along Dakota.  Dakota is a beautiful black 13 month old male wolf.  He loves playing with the puppies and trying to steal our jackets.